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    About the artist, Zandra Lowman, and her work.    
    There are times in our lives when we let our guard down and without a conscious thought, we open our heart and our true self shines through. Sometimes we’re lucky to have someone capture that moment. Later, while flipping through photos we come across it and joyously we are swept back in time with remembrances of that wonderful moment. Those precious moments are the ones I strive to capture through my artwork. Because I understand the sentimental connection, I pour my heart into every piece I create.    
    Whether working with your photos to create a portrait, drawing a caricature from life at your special event, or perhaps creating a unique piece of artwork as a gift for someone dear to you, Studio Artizta will help you express the Beauty of your True Colors by creating artwork especially for you...    
For rates and quotes or to set up a free consultation, please contact Zandra Lowman at:
  Phone: (336) 314-0885 Email: zandra@studioartizta.com  
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